Handheld Strobes
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Handheld Strobes

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A Powerful Combination of Brightness and Portability

Unilux handheld stroboscopic lights allow you to quickly confirm quality and spot product imperfections anywhere on the line. Each model provides powerful output to inspect fine detail in any location now made even easier by units that are 1/3rd (33%) lighter than previous models. An adjustable flash rate and flash duration make it easy to synchronize with the speed of motion so you can inspect quality, reduce waste, and deliver the quality product that your customers are expecting. These portable units come in flood, spot and UV versions.


  • Printing: inspection of print quality and registration, folding alignment, security print inspection, embossing quality
  • Converting: trimmed edge and perforation analysis, surface inspection of adhesives and coatings, die-to-die registration
  • Metals: pinpoint the location and cause of surface defects
  • Maintenance: inspection of belts, webs, motors, shafts, gears, pulleys & chains, vibration analysis, bearing inspection, high speed motion timing
  • UV: financial and government documents, security printing
  • Paper: inspection of felt & wire, formation, dewatering, turbulance, bearings & gears, surface quality
  • Textiles: inspection of weaving, spinning, drawing of thread or yarn

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