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Give Us Your Toughest Specs and We’ll Build The Solution

Unilux prides itself on understanding our customer’s problems and creating inspection solutions to meet those needs. We spend over $1M a year on research and development towards that end. Our engineering department is ready to listen to your requirements and turn your specifications into working hardware. From minor design changes of our existing line of lights to the complete turnkey of a new design, Unilux does it all. Examples of our specialty solutions include:

  • Aerospace - high speed, large area motion analysis
  • Manufacturing – deep vacuum metalizing of film and paper
  • Sports – high speed analysis of athletic equipment to evaluate performance
  • Special Effects - appear to stop the movement of water or soda for commercials and videos

Tell us what your challenge is and let’s talk about how Unilux strobe lights can be customized to address it.


  • Special effects
  • Aerospace
  • Motion analysis
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Amusement rides & tourist attraction photos

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