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Improve Yield With Real-Time Inspection of Edge Quality

Edge Tech

Bad edge conditions on steel coils result in downgrading or re‐trimming that cost manufacturers millions of dollars. The Edge Tech Remote Inspection system allows detailed inspection of the trimmed edge on both sides of the strip immediately after the trimming operation is performed. Strip edge quality, knife wear and knife cracks can be seen, corrected and then checked to ensure that the problems have been eliminated.



  • Immediate viewing of the coil edge right after knife trim operation on both sides of the strip
  • Optimal cut-to-tear ratio defined for benchmarking
  • Knife and coil images captured in real time
  • Examination of the entire circumference of knife/knives
  • Adjustable knife position
  • Inspect edge detail in slow motion with pause, play and back-up capabilities
  • 8x magnification of the strip edge
  • On-screen measurement of anomalies for problem assessment
  • High resolution video capture and display
  • On-demand image storage feature


  • Gain immediate knowledge of edge trim from the safety of the pulpit
  • Quick recognition of trim flaws in real time
  • Take corrective action immediately
  • Eliminate poor quality edges
  • Avoid additional damage to coils
  • Avoid downgrading and secondary trimming
  • Provide consistent quality coils for greater customer satisfaction
  • Protect your reputation
  • Measure return-on-investment in number of coils rather than years


  • Standard coil processing lines
  • Pickling lines
  • Galvanizing lines

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