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Unilux inspection solutions give operators the “The Power To See” – the ability to see fast moving lines as if they were standing still. By providing this ability we help you maximize yield, eliminate unnecessary costs, improve efficiencies and increase profitability.


  • We are the worldwide leader in the innovative design and manufacture of strobe lights for industrial surface inspection with the widest range of stroboscopic inspection lights available.

  • We have over 60 years experience in the steel, paper, printing, converting and film industries.

  • Unilux has developed the brightest, most extensive line of strobe lights backed by a global network of offices, service centers and parts depots in more than 30 countries.

  • Unilux has 5 direct sales offices in the United States, China, Germany, India and Thailand.

  • Unilux is committed to providing our customers with world class service through our 6 service centers located in the U.S., Germany, China, Brazil, Mexico and Thailand with additional service support in India, Japan and Korea.

  • Unilux offers over 45 models of stroboscopic lights to meet your exact needs. From portable battery powered units to wide area fixed-mount units, Unilux lets you look at your product like no one else..

  • Our products provide 100% full-width inspection at full production speed.

  • Unilux equipment is built to last – There are Unilux lighting systems across the world that are still in operation after 20 years.

  • Unilux has the largest R&D department in the industry.

  • Compared with similar strobes available, Unilux lights have a higher intensity and a broader viewing area.

  • Our strobes are completely customizable to meet new challenges or unusual circumstances.

  • In 1994 Unilux was granted a technical achievement award from the Academy of Arts and Sciences for its work with the H3000: the lighting system used by the film industry.


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