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Cross Light Inspection for Detecting Surface Defects

To detect defects on steel strips, good lighting contrast has always been essential. Until recently, mills have had to choose between Bright Field or Dark Field illumination. LED technology for stroboscopic inspection now allows inspectors to gain the same technological advantages that previously were only available using cameras. The ability to synchronise multiple lights has led to the development of algorithms that, when paired with stroboscopic inspection light positioning, provides optimum visual inspection at far less cost than camera-based systems. Cross Light Illumination affords metal producers better inspection capability. Operators have greater insight to the quality of the steel they are producing to increase yield and reduce customer rejections.


Filmquest Enhances Its Reputation With Surface Inspection System

Filmquest, the exclusive supplier of Questar polyester (PET) film, has added Unilux LED strobes into the rigorous quality program at its Bolingbrook, IL, facility. Equipment includes a fixed-mount LED2000 strobe and handheld LED strobes for troubleshooting.


Improved Coil Side Trim Quality Control with Unilux Edge Tech

Edge trimming of steel coils during processing is standard practice, however, unless edge quality can be continuously monitored, the time delay between a deterioration and rectification can result in excessive amounts of rework or even scrap. Unilux have developed Edge Tech, a camera-based system which continuously scans both strip edges and provides immediate display of edge quality to operators. Extensive data and performance analysis algorithms help provide numerical data on trimming knife settings, trimming performance and coil quality


Portable Stroboscopic Inspection Lights Seal The Real Deal For Albany International

Never be fooled by the claim “It’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.” Ensuring paper is produced to precise manufacturing specifications and budgets is the real deal, and Albany International’s PMC service engineers seal the deal with the Unilux Miti-Lite. They use the portable stroboscopic inspection lights to make sure their customers’ paper making machines are running as efficiently as possible with no downtime.

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