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Updated: Feb 29

PAP Security Printing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania produces security-sensitive paper stock for blank lottery tickets, casino coin wrappers, and automated teller receipts. To remain competitive in this high-stakes environment, manufacturing efficiency and quality control are critical.

The inspection system operators rely upon to confirm critical print patterns during production had become obsolete. It was time for a preventative measure to ensure high quality and protect the company's reputation for accuracy. The camera-based system was 15 years old and no longer supported by the manufacturer, so after multiple rounds of research, Lead Supervisor Mark Henry decided it was necessary to upgrade.

Mark called longtime colleague John Feldmann, a regional inspection expert for Unilux. The two have spent years collaborating on quality control for the high-speed, high-volume printing environment. John was able to show how the new UniPRINT print monitoring system was reasonably priced while offering significant performance improvements.

The UniPRINT system was up and running after the lead Electrician and in-house mechanic completed the installation in a single shift. Operators were trained quickly with help from the product manual.

"With any retrofit like this, I'm always worried about downtime, said Mark Henry. I was surprised at how quickly the Unilux inspection system went together. It was just seamless"

Today, press operators rely on UniPRINT to inspect control number serialization and registration control. They are finding efficiencies that contribute directly to profitability by reducing waste and rework.


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