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You’ve invested a lot in equipment, inventory, skilled talent…. and it can all be for naught without a stroboscope - the most basic and flexible form of inspection.

A strobe can give your production team access to critical information, the ability to react, the ability to make adjustments and corrections to reduce waste, and the chance to take corrective action before it gets too far. Stroboscopic inspection gives you the power to control your results and your reputation as a quality supplier, improving profitability and the value of your brand.

It didn't start with manufacturing but with photography...

Unilux was formed from the innovation and imagination of two professionals—a photographer and an engineer—who wanted to create a flash system that could operate at the speed of motion picture cameras. In 1962, the two worked together to create a system for special effects and the reduction of motion blur in television commercials for food. In 1994, Unilux was recognized with a

Unilux lights made it possible to capture some of the most iconic moments in commercials:

Milk - drop showing the crown patternSunkist - juice squirting from the orange sectionsKellogg - cereal flake falling into bowlRed Lobster - lemon squirting from the sectionsMaster Lock - the bullet passing through the lock

Today, Unilux is still fully committed to providing stroboscopic inspection lights that give our customers the ability to see something not possible on their own; an immediate view of product quality by eliminating the blur of fast moving objects. We call this The Power to See.

This isn’t just a new marketing tagline. This is the beginning of a new chapter for Unilux.

Technology changes fast; New LED’s are 2x brighter than prior designs and we incorporated them into our designs rapidly. Each year we invest over $1M USD in Research and Development to incorporate the latest advances in LED and electronic manufacturing.

To help offset the costs associated with keep the latest technology on your production floor, Unilux offers a trade-in trade-up program. We also have a large base of local experts available to come to your plant and show you the latest technology on your line before you commit.

With our unmatched support and guidance, customers select (never settle for) the right solution from our diverse, broad selection of solutions that is 3-4x more expansive than our nearest competitor.


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