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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Sealed design and long-life LEDs provide many advantages for inspecting formation activity and analyzing machine vibration.

Saddle Brook, NJ APRIL 20, 2017 - Unilux, the world's leading designer and manufacturer of strobe lights, has launched a new inspection strobe for the paper industry. The LED Beacon strobe is used to 'freeze' motion up to 15 feet (4.6M) away, making the smallest of defects clearly visible at full production speed. It replaces the xenon Beacon, the long-time inspection workhorse for paper manufacturing, by providing double the illumination area, a more consistent light pattern, and a more durable design that better withstands harsh conditions.

"Because the LED Beacon throws light further than other strobes, it is an ideal inspection strobe to troubleshoot paper formation anywhere on the line without stopping production," said Mike Simonis, President, Unilux. "More uniform light output and double the illumination area allow operators to inspect a larger area for processing and operational issues that they may not have been able to see before."

The LED Beacon is a versatile inspection strobe light ideal for evaluating dozens of functions in the paper manufacturing process: to spot stock formation, rimming, wire wear and water entry, jet impingement, fabric contamination, and dozens of other issues that can affect quality. Its splash and spray-proof design prevent water and pulp from seeping into the unit.

The xenon light source used in the original Beacon strobe is extremely bright at the center but drops off dramatically outside a small area. By using LEDs in place of xenon as a light source, the LED Beacon provides a larger and more uniform inspection area so operators can see a greater area of the formation and paper machine operation. LED technology also eliminates the need for bulb replacement and related downtime.

Unilux inspection lights use the stroboscopic effect to freeze the motion of an object that would appear as a blur to the human eye when moving at full production speed, making the smallest of defects clearly visible. Operators can determine the severity of the problem and take appropriate action to minimize its economic impact.

About Unilux

Unilux, headquartered in Saddle Brook, NJ, has 53 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial surface inspection lighting systems for the papermaking, metals, printing/converting/packaging, and textile industries. Unilux stroboscopic inspection lights range from handheld units for spot or narrow-web inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting applications to fixed-mounted units capable of inspecting surfaces up to 12m wide. Unilux has sales representatives in 58 countries throughout the world along with five service centers. Unilux, Inc., 59 North 5th St., Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 USA. Tel: +1-201-712-1266 /

For additional information: Mike Simonis, President / +1-201-712-1266


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