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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

LED-UV series recognized for superior clarity in the inspection of inks and coatings.

Saddle Brook, NJ MARCH 2, 2017 Unilux, the world's leading designer and manufacturer of strobe lights for inspection has received the 2017 Sapphire Specialty Design Award for their industry-first LED UV strobes, used to inspect optical brighteners in the printing of banknotes and secure documents or coating and cold seal applications in flexible packaging.

"We are thrilled to have our work on LED-UV strobes recognized by such a prominent organization in the LED industry," said Matt Runo, VP Engineering for Unilux. "This award further supports the company's significant investment in R&D to continuously improve inspection capabilities for our customers."

By using LEDs in place of a combined xenon light source and filter, Unilux eliminates the filter penalty. The penalty was the result of using the filter to remove visible wavelengths of light, thereby reducing the strobe light's overall efficiency. Using LEDs increases the amount of power used to generate light in the UV spectrum thereby making these strobe both more powerful and more efficient than their xenon strobe counterparts.

"The brighter light lets inspectors see details in the UV portion under ambient lighting conditions," said Mike Simonis, President, Unilux. "That's something they couldn't do before."

Unilux inspection lights use the stroboscopic effect to freeze images of sections of webs moving at full production speed, making the smallest of defects clearly visible. This enables operators to use their knowledge of the product and printing process to determine the cause of the defect, take appropriate action to fix the problem or stop expensive, value-added processes, and reduce waste.

About Unilux

Unilux, headquartered in Saddle Brook, NJ, has 53 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial surface inspection lighting systems for the metals, papermaking, printing/converting/packaging, and textile industries. Unilux stroboscopic inspection lights range from handheld units for spot or narrow-web inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting applications to fixed-mounted units capable of inspecting surfaces up to 12m wide. Unilux has sales representatives in 58 countries throughout the world along with five service centers. Unilux, Inc., 59 North 5th St., Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 USA. Tel: +1-201-712-1266 /

For additional information: Mike Simonis, President / +1-201-712-1266


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