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Product enhancements allow greater visibility to defects and their cause.

Nashville, TN May 8, 2017 - Unilux, the world leader in the design and manufacture of inspection systems, will demonstrate enhancements to their surface and edge inspection systems at AISTech, Booth 2542.

Visitors to the Unilux booth will be able to see the LED2000 series inspection strobes in action. Unilux strobes have traditionally been the workhorse of the steel industry to quickly and efficiently identify surface defects. Unilux LED inspection strobes provide several advantages over xenon-based strobes; no light spillover, no bulb replacement, reduced energy consumption, and maintenance.

At AIST, Cross Field Illumination will be introduced. Using this configuration, two or more strobes are used simultaneously to view the surface from multiple angles. As a result, surface imperfections are dramatically enhanced, making it easier for operators to see both common defects in surface quality, as well as extremely subtle defects such as surface stains, and skips or voids in the coating.

"Unilux continuously improves the technology of our inspection strobes to increase efficiencies and make it easier for operators to find the smallest defects", said Mike Simonis, President, Unilux. "Cross Field Illumination offers a new way to see defects as never seen before.

Visitors to the booth will also be able to see demonstrations of the Unilux Edge Tech system. Edge Tech is the only system of its kind that allows operators to see the quality of the edge of a steel coil as it is being trimmed, in real-time from the safety of the pulpit.

New for the Edge Tech system is the semi-automatic crack detection feature. This function alerts operators to cracks in the knives, so corrective action can be taken and poor trim quality and costly coil waste specifically due to knife cracks can be avoided.

"Our Engineers have developed this new feature to make this system even more interactive and efficient at detecting issues, making Edge Tech the most cost-effective solution for edge quality inspection", explained Simonis. "Mills are finding ROI with Edge Tech in a matter of coils as opposed to months."

Unilux inspection lights use the stroboscopic effect to freeze images of sections of webs moving at full production speed, making the smallest of defects clearly visible. This enables operators to use their knowledge of the product and process to determine the cause of the defect and take appropriate action to fix the problem and end waste associated with those defects.

About Unilux

Unilux, headquartered in Saddle Brook, NJ, has 55 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial surface inspection lighting systems for the papermaking, metals, printing/converting/packaging, and textile industries. Unilux stroboscopic inspection lights range from handheld units for spot or narrow-web inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting applications to fixed-mounted units capable of inspecting surfaces up to 12m wide. Unilux has sales representatives in 58 countries throughout the world along with five service centers. Unilux, Inc., 59 North 5th St., Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 USA. Tel: +1-201-712-1266 /

For additional information: Mike Simonis, President / +1-201-712-1266


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