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Enhanced features for Edge Tech and powerful LED stroboscopes boost inspection abilities for mills.

Düsseldorf, Germany 27 September 2016 - Unilux, the world leader in the design and manufacture of stroboscopic inspection lighting, will demonstrate new features for Edge Tech remote inspection systems, as well as powerful LED2000 strobes at Aluminium 2016 in Stand 12H45.

Edge Tech is the inspection system for real-time examination of trim quality and knife condition at full production speed. New features allow the entire knife circumference to be captured either manually or automatically using Level 2 communications. Operators can use Edge Tech to check the condition of trim knives based upon strip edge quality and can use this information to adjust knife settings or quickly schedule knife replacement and minimize saw tooth, burrs, or the need for coil re-trimming.

Unilux will show how LED2000 strobes improve inspection safety by containing light to the inspection area, significantly reducing spillover on the production floor, and providing more even illumination where it is needed. LED technology allows for the use of Light Field and Dark Field lighting simultaneously to tremendously enhance surface flaws, while significantly reducing maintenance over xenon-based inspection lights and eliminating inspection-system downtime caused by burned-out lamps.

“For over 50 years, Unilux strobes have been a workhorse in the steel industry, helping mills to quickly identify surface defects at high production speeds,” said Volker Schlevoigt, managing director, Unilux Europe GmbH. “These latest innovations demonstrate our commitment to helping our customers improve throughput by leveraging the latest technology when it can improve their ability to produce consistent, high-quality rolls.”

About Unilux Unilux has 53 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial surface inspection lighting systems for the printing, converting, packaging, metals, paper manufacturing, and textile industries. Unilux stroboscopic inspection lights range from handheld, battery-powered units for spot or narrow web inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting applications, to fixed-mounted units capable of inspecting surfaces up to 12m wide. Unilux products are easy to access and well supported by a global network of sales and service representatives in 58 countries throughout the world, along with service centers in North America, Europe, Thailand, China, and India. For additional information, contact Unilux Europe GmbH, Seeweg 20, 40627 Düsseldorf, Germany, Tel.: +49-211-28071171, Fax: +49-211-28071177, e-mail: Internet: Unilux, Inc., 59 North 5th St., Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 USA. Phone: 800-522-0821 (US only) or +1-201-712-1266 (Worldwide); Fax: 201-712-1366; email:; Internet:


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